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About Myriad 

Myriad is in its second year as Burlington's newest female choir! Each member of the ensemble has a common goal - to create a high-quality musical experience for singers and audience alike.

Conducted by Elise Naccarato, Myriad brings together young women to sing and perform music by female composers and writers. The group was founded out of a pickup "summer choir" and the realization that the members really liked singing together and wanted to do so even outside of the summer months. Although it has been nicknamed the “Thursday Night Book Club," Myriad provides a collaborative environment where women can sing at a high level while having fun and making new friends. A "myriad" of possibilities lies ahead for this group, and the members look forward to seeing where the future will take them.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Myriad or learning more about them, please email Elise at

Audio Clips

Siren Song - Katerina Gimon