Elise Naccarato 

Photography by Anca Gaston, 2017

Photography by Anca Gaston, 2017

Elise discovered a love for singing at an early age when her mom enrolled her singing lessons. Moms always knows best and this would be the start of Elise’s passion for music and foster an emergence from her quiet shell. In 2005, a family move to Burlington, Ontario introduced Elise to the Hamilton Children’s Choir under the leadership of the inspirational Zimfira Poloz. This is where she caught the “choral bug” and was inspired to live a life dedicated to the arts. This spark led her to complete her Honours Bachelors in Music, and Diploma in Voice Performance at McMaster University, and in 2017, her Masters in Choral Conducting from the University of Toronto. 

As an emerging conductor, Elise has had the privilege of apprenticing under some of the worlds most respected conductors. She has participated as conducting programs across the country - conducting masterclass with Michael Zaugg and the 2016 National Youth Choir, the Halifax Summer Conducting Institute with Caron Daley and Lydia Adams (2017), with Michael Zaugg and Pro Coro Canada in residency as Emerging Conductor (May 2018) and in the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s Conducting Symposium led by Jon Washburn (February 2019). She also had the privilege in the summer of 2016 and 2018 to be chosen as one of two conducting apprentices of the Ontario Youth Choir under the highly regarded Robert Cooper, CM (2016) and Vancouver Chamber Choir’s Jon Washburn (2018). She was also an Assistant Conductor of the U of T Women’s Chamber Choir under Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt and volunteered as a Rehearsal Assistant to Zimfira Poloz with the Hamilton Children’s Choir and Young Voices Toronto. Elise is humbled to continue to learn from Robert Cooper as she enters her third season as the Apprentice Conductor of Orpheus Choir of Toronto and Chorus Niagara. She will also continue as the Assistant Conductor of Arcady under the leadership of Canadian composer, Ronald Beckett. 

As Elise continues to apprentice, she also has choirs of her own. Elise is the conductor of Ovation Choir at St. Mildred’s-Lightburn girls school and the conductor of the Hamilton Estonian Choir (HESS). In July of 2019, Elise is thrilled to be on tour with HESS as they travel to Tallin, Estonia where they are representing Canada in the Estonian Song Festival! She is also the founder and Artistic Director of Myriad, a women’s choir based in Burlington, ON. This is Elise’s passion project and she is proud to lead this group of women through song and life.

As a singer, Elise is has sung in many choirs - McMaster University Choirs, Ontario Youth Choir, and National Youth Choir just to name a few. She also as her own accomplished solo career as been a guest soloist with the Halton-Mississauga Youth Orchestra, Orpheus Male Choir and the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.  

“In a world of independence and individualism, choral music provides young and old an opportunity to create beautiful music together, sharing in a sense of belonging and musicianship….” –Elise Naccarato